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Second Avenue

Ever since I was young, I've had a personal bias towards dolls constructed from fabric. Was it from the special charm from feeling the material? Even after starting sewing I had a keen interest in dolls yet there weren't many that held my interest to warrant a purchase. I would wander my local markets and online keeping my eyes peeled for my daughter. But I always came back empty handed. A doll that gave comfort and warmth to the heart, a doll that got you chatting, a doll that might be lacking yet was still attractive. So I and my daughter Veronica created our own creations. Originally we planned for only one body type but after repeated discussions plus trial and errors, we found several working designs.

After creating the dolls we created a story for it. We decided to put the story into a children's story book. I always had a hobby of reproducing furniture. Naturally, the full set for the dolls came into plan. Since then I've written five books, worked on iThinkSew patterns, co-authored several books, and participated in magazines. With such a tight schedule, doll designs were on the sideline of my thoughts for the longest time. Finally, I am ready to share my doll designs with the world!