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Thursday, September 23, 2021 4:13:36 PM

interfacing for backpack

1 year ago
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I've been looking for somewhere where someone explains what heavyweight interfacing means in almost all the backpack patterns on this web site means. I want to make the Carson backpack and the materials list says heavyweight interfacing but doesn't give any recommendations and doesn't say what was used in the pattern picture.  does anyone have any idea
1 year ago
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Hi Judith. I test a lot of bag patterns, so maybe I can help. When the patterns I test call for heavyweight interfacing, it usually means something along the line of Pellon Decor Bond. If I am using a quilting weight cotton for the outside, I do like to fuse a woven to the fabric first, then fuse the Decor Bond to the piece but with the seam allowances removed to keep the seams from getting too thick. If I am using a canvas or duck fabric (not water resistant), then I will fuse Decor Bond directly to the fabric without seam allowances removed as I am not using a woven on this. Water resistant fabric may or may not allow for fusing. All of them are different, so you have to experiment. If you are not able to fuse on this type of fabric, you can use your interfacing by sewing it in at the seam allowances. Hope this helps.
4 months ago
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I Agee 100%! The vagueness of "heavy weight interfacing" is very open to interpretation and not helpful. I can say that it is NOT Peltex1, which is a heavyweight interfacing.
3 months ago
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Choosing the perfect interfacing (especially when it comes to combining the right mixture of external/internal fabric with interfacing) is a really big problem for me as well. I wouldn't say I have ruined a lot of bags, but there sure have been a number of less than ideal outcomes. When it comes to backpacks the situation seems especially tricky to me! From past experience I'd like to add to the discussion that Vlieseline Decovil 1 / light was NOT the right choice for a school backpack :(