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Cocoa Collection

Tilly tank top is a circle style tank top and dress that is designed to be worn over the hot summer days. I also designed this pattern last year and kept it in my archive because the season was never right. I’m happy to finally share this pattern with all my sewers. This pattern has a circular design that allows the gown to drape elegantly. I think this design allows a lot of freedom when moving around, making it really comfortable and cool to wear in the summer. Wearing something breezy and easy to wear on a hot day is important! If you are looking for a unique and fun tank top to make in the summer, this one might be your next project.
I’ve designed this toddler backpack for mothers and mothers-to-be! It’s been years since I last designed a backpack for our toddler friends, so I’ve been keeping myself busy making a convenient little bag for your little one! All my other toddler backpacks had drawstring openings with a flap. But I noticed that toddlers have a difficult time tying things together and thought zippers might be better for the munchkins. With a zipper opening and a little pocket on the front of the bag, your toddler can surely keep all of their small belongings in an adorably neat fashion! Go and check out the toddler backpack while it is on sale!
I’ve designed this big travel bag last year before the outbreak… I’ve been holding back to release this because covid has been preventing all of us from traveling. But covid can’t prevent us from feeling inspired to travel! So I’ve decided to release this bag for those who want to be excited about our future. Meeting family, friends, and loved ones in person. I want all of you to have something to look forward to in this pandemic and I’m hoping this bag can be a little help to spark something exciting inside!